Vinyl Back Installation

Vinyl Back Installation

Insulation helps maintain a comfortable interior temperature by keeping warm air in your building during the winter and conversely by keeping warm air out during the summer months. Quality Metal Roofing's Vinyl Back Installation is a resilient, flexible unfaced blanket insulation made from inorganic fibers bonded by thermosetting resin.

The blanket is suitable for application of facings and has sufficient tensile and bond strength for normal handling by the laminator and contractor. The blanket may also be used unfaced as additional insulation to fill voids in walls and roofs of metal buildings. We offer 2” and 3” Fiberglass Vinyl Back Insulation for bay insulation and commercial buildings. Rated at an R-7 (2”) and R-10 (3”) it helps reduce heat transfer and condensation.


  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Superior acoustical performance
  • Fire-resistant, non-corrosive, tough and resilient


  • Energy conservation
  • Better temperature control
  • Lower operating costs
  • Noise control
  • Withstands damage from normal handling and shop abuse
  • Condensation control

Fiber Glass and Mold

Fiber glass insulation will not sustain mold growth. However, mold can grow on almost any material when it becomes wet and contaminated. Carefully inspect any insulation that has been exposed to water. If it shows any sign of mold it must be discarded. If the material is wet but shows no evidence of mold, it should be dried rapidly and thoroughly. If it shows signs of facing degradation from wetting, it should be replaced. Air handling insulation used in the air stream must be discarded if exposed to water.

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