Product Installation

Curious about the installation process for your metal roof? Quality Metal Roofing is here to provide a brief walk-through the process.

Metal roofing panels from Quality Metal Roofing are a safe, durable, energy efficient roofing solution for home owners and business owners alike. Quality Metal Roofing is your trusted manufacturer of residential and commercial metal roofing panels. We offer a variety of metal roofing panels to meet the many needs of our clients. Our metal roofing experts are your best knowledge source for metal roofing panels. At Quality Metal Roofing, we are able to help you make the best decision from a variety of metal roofing panel options. Choose what is best for you and your residential or commercial project at Quality Metal Roofing.

The installation of a metal roof from Quality Metal Roofing is a multi-step process requiring all the right preparation and materials. The first step is to ensure that the area of the roof to be covered is accurately measured, as well as accurately measuring the slope of your roof. Once the measurements have been verified, it’s time to purchase your materials from Quality Metal Roofing. We supply metal roofing panels, components, and custom components for all of your metal roofing installation needs.

Metal roofing can be installed over an existing asphalt roof, or the old roof can be removed. If asphalt is removed, old roofing materials will be removed from the top down in order to prepare the surface for the installation of your new metal roof. If you are replacing an existing metal roof, remember that metal roofs are 100% recyclable. 

If existing roofing is to be removed, this is an excellent opportunity to examine sheathing and structural components for any needed repairs, shift gutters, or add new insulation, before beginning the installation of your new metal roof. 

Once your old roof has been stripped, and any necessary repairs or adjustments have been made, and insulation has been added, it is time for you or your roofing contractor to lay down roofing felt, install the edging, and prepare to install your metal roofing panels from Quality Metal Roofing. You or your contractor will align the metal roofing panels and secure them appropriately with high quality screw fasteners from Quality Metal Roofing. Once all roofing panels are secure, it’s time to add trim and flashing - the pieces that brings edges together and give your new roof a clean, finished look!

Complete start to finish installation of our superior metal roofing system. Vents, trim, custom pieces, you name it. The professionals at Quality Metal Roofing can point you in the right direction and help facilitate all of your roofing installation needs.


Cleaning & Maintenance Guide

Quality Metal Roof Manufacture & Sales Inc. (Quality Metal Roofing) products are finished with a factory backed high performance pain coating. The surface of this coating has proven resistant to many environmental elements such as air pollution, acid rain, and airborne dirt. It is designed for exterior color retention and resistance to chalking.

If the need to clean or remove deposits from your coating does arise, a variety of methods for cleaning are available. Note two precautions: (1) Do not use wire, brushes, abrasives, or cleaning tools which will mechanically abrade the surface coating, and (2) Certain cleaning agents listed below should be tested in an inconspicuous area before use on a large scale. Misuse or abuse of any cleaning agents will result in voiding warranty for affected surfaces.

Application, Storage, & Handling

Safety Precautions

Improper unloading and handling of bundles and crates may cause bodily injury or material damage. Use extreme care in the operation of power lifting devices such as cranes and forklifts and follow the safety instruction provided by their manufacture. Creates, boxes, and bundles may be bulky, heavy, or both. The improper or unaided lifting of them may cause bodily injury. Quality Metal Roof Manufacture & Sales Inc. (Quality Metal Roofing) is not responsible for bodily injuries or material damage due to improper handling during unloading, storage, or job site placement.

We are your trusted metal roof manufacturer. We manufacturer metal roof panels, metal siding panels, metal roof trim, vents, and flashing and distribute it all across the United States. We have 6 locations that can manufacture and custom manufacture any metal roofing, metal building, and pole frame project you have.

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