Closure Strips

Closure Strips

At Quality Metal Roofing, we understand that closure strips are an essential part to both the aesthetic and functionality of your roof. Closure strips are an important element of roof assembly, as each closure strip must be designed to fit that specific type of metal roofing panel. Proper closure strips and sealants are necessary for your metal roof to come together safely and cleanly.

Quality Metal Roofing's closure strips are designed to close the gaps in roof and sidewall applications. Our closure strips are resistant to damage, ultra violet rays, and ozone deterioration. Adhesive that is applied to the contact side of the panel's surface will assure positive positioning during installation of our closure strips. The qualified experts at Quality Metal Roofing know exactly which types of closures strips and sealants are best for each area of your metal roof. Speak to our professional team at Quality Metal Roofing today to learn more about closure strips, and make the best choices for your residential or commercial metal roof.

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