Metal Buildings

Metal Buildings

As the region’s largest manufacturer of metal roofing and siding it is no surprise that Quality Metal Roofing can build you a quality metal building. A quality metal building can provide you with years of protection for the things you hold dear. Whether it is a barn or garage to protect your livestock or equipment, a church or small business, a quality metal building is the smart choice for your investment.

From start to finish you will be impressed with how easy the Quality Metal Roofing building process is, because we make it that way from the first meeting to the finishing touches. Our knowledgeable and experienced project managers make it an enjoyable and fun process.

We offer turnkey design services, for businesses, churches, fire stations, riding arenas, stall barns, agricultural buildings, auto garages, or we can custom design them to fit your needs.

No two metal building projects are exactly the same. This is why Quality Metal Roofing offers custom services for when your metal building just needs that little something different. When you need pre-cut lengths, special trim, flashing, vents, or other components, Quality Metal Roofing is the manufacturer to get the job done right.

Metal buildings from Quality Metal Roofing are a safe, durable, energy efficient siding solution for home owners and business owners alike. Quality Metal Roofing is your trusted manufacturer of custom residential and commercial metal buildings. We offer a variety of metal building services to meet the many needs of our clients. Our metal building experts are your best knowledge source for metal building construction and design. At Quality Metal Roofing, we are able to help you make the best decision from a variety of custom metal building options. Choose what is best for you and your residential or commercial project at Quality Metal Roofing. 

Perfect for businesses, churches, fire stations, riding arenas, stall barns, agricultural buildings, auto garages, and more, Quality Metal Roofing’s metal panels are manufactured with highly durable 29 gauge steel finished in your choice of contemporary colors, shown in our color visualizer.

Quality Metal Roofing metal siding panels carry a 40 year limited warranty. A non-warranty panel is available.

If your project requires pre-cut lengths, specialized trim components or other custom handling, give us a call. Quality Metal Roofing is ready to supply your special needs quickly.


We are your trusted metal roof manufacturer. We manufacturer metal roof panels, metal siding panels, metal roof trim, vents, and flashing and distribute it all across the United States. We have 6 locations that can manufacture and custom manufacture any metal roofing, metal building, and pole frame project you have.

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